Instructions for creating your Gemini email signature

Visit this page on a laptop/desktop computer & follow the instructions below:
1. "Display my info" - A cascade of prompt messages will appear on the screen. Input your first name, last name, job title, and your preferred email closing phrase/formula.
2. "Upload my photo" - Choose a photo of you in which you look professional. If you already have a photo on Teams which you wish to use, please contact the Marketing Department to download & send it to you.
3. "Set my cropped photo" - After you center yourself in the circle by zooming & dragging, press this button to set it. You can choose another photo and repeat the procedure immediately if you wish to.
4. "Add my mobile phone number" - Add your personal/business mobile phone number, in this format: +40 123 456 789. This is optional. Press the next button if you haven't entered your number.
5. "Display/Hide phone number" - If you haven't inserted your mobile phone number at the step above, please hide the default one by pressing this button. Only the company phone will remain visible.
6. "Copy my signature" - Double click(!) this button to copy your signature so you can paste it (Outlook -> Search -> Signatures -> New -> Paste -> Save -> Select for New messages & Replies -> OK)
If the signature appears to be broken when pasting it, please save it as such. It will display correctly once you first use it to send an email. After the setup, please send a test email to
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